Don Stabile


Professor of Economics and the College, Don Stabile, contributed $100,000 when we reached 1,000 donors!

Don joined St. Mary’s College in 1980 and has since become a legendary teacher and cherished mentor to generations of students.
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Photo of Don Stabile at Kent Hall


Jeanne Brady ’88 & John C. Saum ’89


Jeanne and Jack, President of the SMCM Foundation Board of Directors, gave $12,500 for the St. Mary’s Fund!

“As proud alumni, Jeanne and I support the mission of the College and all the good work being done. We give because the College provides extraordinary value and opportunities to our students.”

Jeanne and Jack Saum celebrate another successful golf tournament with President Tuajuanda Jordan.


The Honorable Sven Holmes


Trustee Chair Holmes gave $10,000 for the new LEAD fundraising initiative!



President Tuajuanda Jordan

President Jordan gave $10,000 for the St. Mary’s Fund and an additional $1,000 for reaching 100% participation from the Executive Council and the Office of the President!

Thank you President Jordan


Pete Green


Secretary of the SMCM Foundation Board of Directors, Pete Green, offered a friendly challenge to the Board of Trustees and gave $5,000 for the St. Mary’s Fund.



Todd Purring ’86


Todd Purring gave $5,000 for the Purring Family Scholarship!


Donna West ’76

Donna West gave $5,000 for the Donna L. Smawley West Scholarship!

Donna West ’76 is actively retired from a fulfilling and varied career with the United States Department of Agriculture, where she worked in the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. Putting her St. Mary’s College degree in biology to good use,
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Ed Sirianno ’82


Ed Sirianno gave $5,600 toward this year’s Alumni Council Challenge and an additional $100 for the varsity sailing team!

Ed Sirianno

The Alumni Council Challenge
To encourage student involvement, the Alumni Council rallied together to donate over $17,000 to award to the student clubs and varsity athletic teams that participated in the video contest.

Special Thanks to:

Nick Abrams ’99
John Ahearn ’76
Jack Blum ’07
Alice Arcieri Bonner ’03
Thomas Brewer ’05
Geoffrey Cuneo ’10
Kate Fritz ’04
Angie Stocksdale Harvey ’83
Lisa McQuighan Jordan ’05

Hans Lemke ’93
Molly McKee-Seabrook ’10
Ryan McQuighan ’05
Erin O’Connell ’91
Lauren Payne ’09
Cathy Hernandez Ray ’77
Amir Reda ’11
Kevin Roth ’93

Bobby Rudd ’13
Paul Schultheis ’98
Sara Kidd Shanklin ’11
Ed Sirianno ’82
Tammy Swanson ’93
Katie Tinder ’06
Rosa Trembour ’11
Allan Wagaman ’06

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