St. Mary’s College of Maryland, The National Public Honors College, stands at a confluence of possibilities. In the evolving landscape of higher education, ensuring our competitiveness is not merely a goal – it’s a necessity. The world is evolving, and the skills our students need to navigate are rapidly changing.

By supporting the Taking the LEAD Campaign by June 30 2025, you are investing in programs and initiatives that align with emerging trends. Your partnership helps chart our course toward sustained excellence and a brighter future.

How high can we


June 30, 2025

June 30, 2025

How High Can We Fly?

June 30, 2024 = $20,281,300

$20 million goal

Taking the LEAD

Marine Science Students researching in the St. Mary's river

The LEAD Initiative

The LEAD (Learning Through Experiential and Applied Discovery) Initiative is our COMPASS. The campaign will provide critical funds to fuel an experiential, liberal arts honors education that will ensure that all students can take advantage of real-world experiences - internships, undergraduate research, international experiences - that are blended with professional skill development and “The St. Mary’s Way.”

The Rising Tide

The Rising Tide Strategic Plan is our ANCHOR. The campaign will provide the resources to create an innovative, distinctive and competitive academic identity, empower students for success, build a student body that embodies our commitment to inclusivity, and become an engaging and enriching community for our campus and the region.

Aerial Shot of St. Mary's College of Maryland on the St. Mary's River Waterfront with boats in the river

Leading the Way

Thank you to our generous donors who are leading the way by contributing to the LEAD Campaign.

$1,000,000+ donors

John M. Staples & R. Scott Raspa '86
Nancy Ruyle Dodge
Donald R. Stabile
Marguerite Pelissier & William E. Seale
Arthur & Hilda C. Landers Charitable Trust

$100,000-$999,999 donors

John Bell ’95
Allison M. & Arthur A. Birney
Cindy Broyles ’79
Elizabeth A. & Jeffrey J. Byrd
Paula J. & Pablo Collins
Dallas Plugge Dean ’60
Susan L. & Joseph W. Dyer
Bonnie M. Green ’74 & William W. Edgerton
The Sherman Fairchild Foundation
Judith M. Fillius ’79
LaVerna Hahn Charitable Trust
The Kahlert Foundation Inc.
Judith & William Kardash
The Patuxent Partnership Inc.
Donna L. Smawley ’76 & Roger F. West
Andrea Greifenberger & John C. Wobensmith ’93

$10,000-$99,999 donors

Leah N. & Nicholas T. Abrams ’99
Renee Chodur Agnew '74
John L. Ahearn ’76
Assisted Management Solutions
Donese Mayfield & David Bailey
Rita M. & Richard M. Bank
Morgan Drzewicki ’09 and Richard Barr ’07
Debita & Anirban Basu
Julia R. & Robin R. Bates
Taran Teague & Bruce Bingman
Regina G. Maloney & George Borden
Marian Bolton '79 & Thomas B. Brewer '81
Erna & David G. Brown
Cathy & Donald R. Bryan ’73
Lauren Spicer-Bryan & Joseph Kenneth Bryan ’74
Calvert County Government
Sally Cameron
Julia King & Raymond Cannetti
Ellen N. & Brian W. Clarke
Coastal Monitoring Alliance
Susan Prather Collet '93
Colonial Dames of America, Chapter 1
Consortium Management Group
Carolyn S. Curry
Laura E. & Alexander C. Cutler
Helen G. & G. Thomas Daugherty ’65
Marcia Webster Doerr ’85
Jennifer Kopetka '96 & Bryan C. Dunston '96
Dawn M. Keenan & John R. Edwards
Caralyn Roviello ’01 & Brennan J. Fama ’99
Ferry Cove Project LLC
J. David Flynn '93
Margaret & Angelo Gatto
Kendra L. Young ’84 & G. B. Gibson
Laraine M. & William B. Glidden
Colleen & Gregory G. Godbout ’95
Brittany Toscano ’08 & Albert Gore
Donald Graham
Peter Green
Staci & Nicholas L. Hammonds ’01
Althea M. Handy ’79
Ardith Z. Harle
Gail M. & John W. Harmon
Carrie J. Fulton ’01 & Keith Harrison
Kelley A. Gleason ’81 & Albert I. Hawk ’82
Walter W. Hill
Lois Romano & Sven E. Holmes
Talib A. Horne ’93
Michelle S. & Eric A. Howell
Robert Huffman
Carolina Young & Timothy M. Iannone '02
Thomasina Hiers-Johnson ’97 & Robert M. Johnson ’93
Suzanne Lussier-Jones ’58 & Ronald F. Jones
Tuajuanda C. Jordan
Sue McDonald '80 & Peter Kezios
Katherine A. & Paul Koch
William Lawler
Sianna & Jared E. LeClerc ’02
Barb & Owen Lewis
Thomas F. Lusby
Jean M. Maddox
The Madel Estate
Maryland Heritage Areas Authority
Maryland State Arts Council
Patricia Hergan-Matthews '89 & William A. Matthews '90
Julie H. & John J. McAllister
Jean Bickmeyer '83 & Donald P. McDougall '83
Jill McGovern
Julia H. & Zachariah P. Messitte
Elisabeth Walcott & Stephan E. Miller ’85
Ashani T. Weeraratna ’91 & Pat Morin
Casey Mulligan
Naval Systems Inc. (NSI)
Shawn Sapp-Nocher ’80 & John M. Nocher ’81
L. Dawn Wood & Michael P. O’Brien ’68
Jane M. Talarico & Michael P. Paskowsky
Susan G. & Robert W. Paul
Kathleen L. & Paul A. Pusecker
Nathan G. Ramsland ’15
RMC Inc.
The Family of Jamie L. Roberts
Karen J. Horton & John J. Roberts
Justin P. Robinson ’98
Melanie Jubb Rosalez '92
Kevin A. Roth '93
Lisa & Daniel J. Schiffman ’91
Barry J. Schimpf
Jennifer Aschbrenner ’98 & Paul R. Schultheis ’98
Kelly D. & Edward J. Sirianno ’82
Johanna Costa Snyder '02
St. Mary's County Commissioners
Michele & Richard Staisloff
Nancy Stragand
Nikola Sutherland '87
Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland
Allan D. Wagaman ’06
Jan Mandel-Weitzel & Harry J. Weitzel
Helen Mattingly & Raymond J. Wernecke
Carolyn F. & John G. Williamson
Catherine Sullivan-Windt & Nicholas Seldes Windt ’99
Martha Myers Yeager ’41 (deceased)

As of 6/30/24


R. Scott Raspa '86 discusses the value of the Learning through Experiential and Applied Discovery (LEAD) initiative at St. Mary's College of Maryland, and why he supports the College through his philanthropy - totaling the largest gift commitment in College history.

In addition to creating a scholarship fund, Nancy Dodge made the biggest gift in the College’s history to name the Nancy R. and Norton T. Dodge Performing Arts Center.

Professor of the College Don Stabile made two significant commitments for scholarship, one to ignite the quiet phase of the campaign and one to ignite the public phase.

Congratulations to the winners of the Decade Challenge! Sincerest thanks to the 1,451 alumni who took part in the Challenge between July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024! Special thanks to each of the Decade Ambassadors for inspiring their peers to contribute to the Decade Challenge, especially those who led their decades to victory: Nancy Yannayon '75, Erin O'Connell '91, Taylor Minor '21 and Emily Shipley '23.

Giving Tuesday 2023 was a record-breaking success. More than 4,000 gifts amounted to over $390,000 in direct support of St. Mary's College students and the Taking the LEAD campaign. Our alumni really stepped up to BECOUNTED this year, with over 900 SMCM graduates paying it forward to keep the College's momentum strong.

Highlights and Events

Navigating to a Brighter Future

Engaged volunteers are key to the success of the Taking the LEAD Campaign! The Campaign Steering Committee provides guidance and ensures that the strategic direction of the campaign is implemented. The Campaign Ambassadors - alumni representing their decades - broaden awareness and facilitate engagement among their peers. The College is grateful for these individuals.

Will you LEAD the Way?

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